The arrival at Lopar is possible with either the ferry from Stinica to Misnjak or from Krk/ Valbiska to Lopar.

Recommended is the arrival from Stinica. Due to heavy traffic in the peak tourist season the ferry journey to Lopar from the island Krk/Valbiska could be very long. In this case it is much better to arrive from the coast road, so that you save the whole way back from Krk to get to the Stinica ferry.
If you stay in Lopar, the better departure would be with the ferry from Lopar to Krk/Valbiska. You can make reservations for your tickets a few days earlier, so the journey is shorter on the departure day.

The timetable in the main season is seen as follows:

Timetable 01.06. – 30.09.2014
 LOPAR – VALBISKA 6:00 9:45 14:00 18:30
 VALBISKA – LOPAR 7:45 11:45 16:00 20:30 (Mo 21:00)

Here you see the arrival to the Ferry Stinica:

Timetable for the ferry Stinica – Rab

Fährplan Stinica - Rab / Misnjak

a good hint for the departure is to take the ferry from Lopar to Krk/valbiska. The Ferry dock is just a few miles from our cottage and the ticket can be reserved a few dayes earlyer, so you have less latency on the departure day and you can enjoy the lovely passage wich take approximately one hour.

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